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, 96 (3), 144-7

Myths and Mandrakes


Myths and Mandrakes

Anthony John Carter. J R Soc Med.


<i>Figure 1</i>
Figure 1
Mandrake (Mandragora officinarum). Sibthorpe: Flora Graeca (1808)
<i>Figure 2</i>
Figure 2
The mandrake's curse. After being shown a tasty morsel (far right), a hungry dog is tied to the root of the mandrake. From a safe distance, the hunter throws the food in front of the dog, which lunges forward, uprooting the herb. The dog dies at sunrise (bottom right) and is buried with secret rites. Cod. Vind. (Medicina Antiqua)
<i>Figure 3</i>
Figure 3
The white bryony (Bryonia dioica). Alyon: La Botanique (1785)

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