Temporal restriction of migratory and lineage potential in rhombomere 1 and 2 neural crest

Dev Biol. 2003 Mar 1;255(1):62-76. doi: 10.1016/s0012-1606(02)00076-3.


Migratory cranial neural crest cells differentiate into a wide range of cell types, such as ectomesenchymal tissue (bone and connective tissues) ventrally in the branchial arches and neural tissue (neurons and glia) dorsally. We investigated spatial and temporal changes of migration and differentiation potential in neural crest populations derived from caudal midbrain and rhombomeres 1 and 2 by back-transplanting cells destined for the first branchial arch and trigeminal ganglion from HH8-HH19 quail into HH7-HH11 chicks. Branchial arch cells differentiated down ectomesenchymal lineages but largely lost both the ability to localize to the trigeminal position and neurogenic differentiation capacity by HH12-HH13, even before the arch is visible, and lost long distance migratory ability around HH17. In contrast, neural crest-derived cells from trigeminal ganglia lost ectomesechymal differentiation potential by HH17. Despite this, they retain the ability to migrate into the branchial arches until at least HH19. However, many of the neural crest-derived trigeminal ganglia cells in the branchial arch localized to the non-neural crest core of the arch from HH13 and older donors. These results suggest that long distance migration ability, finer scale localization, and lineage restriction may not be coordinately regulated in the cranial neural crest population.

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