Effect of eggplant (Solanum melongena) extract on the in vitro labeling of blood elements with technetium-99m and on the biodistribution of sodium pertechnetate in rats

Cell Mol Biol (Noisy-le-grand). 2002 Nov;48(7):771-6.


The use of eggplant has been suggested to treat different diseases. We studied the effect of eggplant extract on the labeling of red blood cells (RBC) and plasma proteins with technetium-99m (Tc-99m) and on biodistribution of sodium pertechnetate (Tc-99m) in rats. Blood was incubated with an eggplant extract (final concentrations 3.12 to 250.00 mg/ml) for 60 min. Then, stannous chloride (SnCl2) (0.06 or 1.2 microg/ml) and Tc-99m, as sodium pertechnetate, were added. Samples of RBC and plasma (P) were separated and also precipitated and soluble (SF) and insoluble (IF) fractions were isolated. The percent of radioactivity (%ATI) in the fractions was calculated. In the biodistribution study, Wistar rats were treated with eggplant extract (300 mg/ml) for 4 weeks, in drinking water. Tc-99m was administered in the rats, after 90 min they were sacrificed and organs and blood were isolated. When 0.06 microg/ml SnCl2 was used, eggplant extract: i/ inhibited the label of RBC (97.14 +/- 2.01 to 52.21 +/- 3.97%ATI), ii/ decreased the labeling in IF-P from 38.79 +/- 11.73 to 5.49 +/- 2.65%ATI, and iii/ diminished the labeling in IF-RBC from 90.04 +/- 2.65 to 46.17 +/- 9.49%ATI. This inhibitory effect was not observed with SnCl2 1.2 microg/ml. In the biodistribution study, the %ATI: i/ increased in the liver from 2.15 +/- 0.54 to 3.11 +/- 1.29 and ii/ in the other organs the Tc-99m uptake was not modified. The uptake of Tc-99m in red blood cells protein (IF-RBC) decreased from 66.62 +/- 19.67 to 31.66 +/- 8.84%. It is possible to suggest that some components of the eggplant extract present an oxidation power able to alter the fixation of the Tc-99m on the blood elements. Moreover, as eggplant is metabolized in the liver, this fact could justify the alteration of the uptake in this organ.

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