Thioredoxin 2 is involved in oxidative stress defence and redox-dependent expression of photosynthesis genes in Rhodobacter capsulatus

Microbiology (Reading). 2003 Feb;149(Pt 2):419-430. doi: 10.1099/mic.0.25978-0.


Thioredoxins are small ubiquitous proteins that display different functions mainly via redox-mediated processes. The facultatively photosynthetic bacterium Rhodobacter capsulatus harbours at least two genes for thioredoxin 1 and 2, trxA and trxC. It is demonstrated that thioredoxin 2 of R. capsulatus can partially replace the thioredoxin 1 function as a hydrogen donor for methionine sulfoxide reductase but cannot replace thioredoxin 1 as a subunit of phage T7 DNA polymerase. By inactivating the trxC gene in R. capsulatus, it is shown that thioredoxin 2 is involved in resistance against oxidative stress. As thioredoxin 1 of Rhodobacter sphaeroides, R. capsulatus thioredoxin 2 affects the oxygen-dependent expression of photosynthesis genes, albeit in an opposite way. The trxC mutant of R. capsulatus shows a stronger increase in photosynthesis gene expression after a decrease in oxygen tension than the isogenic wild-type strain. The expression of the trxC gene is downregulated by oxygen.

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