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, 90 (8), 082501

Experimental Evidence for the Existence of 7H and for a Specific Structure of 8He


Experimental Evidence for the Existence of 7H and for a Specific Structure of 8He

A A Korsheninnikov et al. Phys Rev Lett.


Experimental search for the superheavy 7H isotope was performed in the reaction p(8He,pp)7H with the 8He beam at 61.3A MeV. The evidence for existence of the 7H state near the t+4n threshold was obtained. In the same experiment, the p(8He,t) reaction populating the ground and excited 2(+) state of 6He was investigated. The obtained results argue on a specific structure of the 8He ground state containing the 6He subsystem in the excited 2(+) state with a large weight.

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