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, 12 (1), 111-4

Chloroplast Transformation in Oilseed Rape


Chloroplast Transformation in Oilseed Rape

Bing-Kai Hou et al. Transgenic Res.


The chloroplast transformation vector pNRAB carries two expression cassettes for the spectinomycin resistance gene aadA and the insect resistance gene cry1Aa10. The two cassettes are sited between the rps7 and ndhB targeting fragments. Biolistic delivery of the vector DNA, followed by spectinomycin selection, yielded chloroplast transformants at a frequency of four in 1000 bombarded cotyledon petioles. PCR analysis and Southern blot of PCR products confirmed the site-specific integration of aadA and cry1Aa10 into the chloroplast genomes of transgenic oilseed rape. When transgenic oilseed rape leaves were fed to second instar Plutella xylostera larvae, 47% mortality was observed against this insect and the surviving larvae had significantly lower weight than the control. This is the first report of chloroplast transformation in oilseed rape and the introduction of novel genes between the rps7 and ndhB genes in the chloroplast genome. This offers an opportunity for improvement of oilseed rape by chloroplast genetic engineering.

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