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. 2003 Apr;33(4):1117-26.
doi: 10.1002/eji.200323702.

The VpreB1 Enhancer Drives Developmental Stage-Specific Gene Expression in Vivo

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The VpreB1 Enhancer Drives Developmental Stage-Specific Gene Expression in Vivo

Steve Licence et al. Eur J Immunol. .
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In adult mice, the VpreB genes are expressed in bone marrow progenitor (pro-) and precursor (pre-) B cells. As part of the pre-B cell receptor, the proteins are crucial for the proliferation of these cells and consequently normal B lymphocyte development. Using cell lines, we identified a lineage- and developmental-stage-specific VpreB1 enhancer. Here, we analyze its specificity in vivo by generating transgenic mice in which expression of a reporter gene (human CD122) is regulated by the VpreB1 enhancer in the context of its own promoter. All transgenic lines expressed the reporter gene in the bone marrow in a copy number-independent manner, whereas expression levels were integration site-dependent. While the enhancer is not tissue specific, within the B cell lineage the expression pattern of human CD122 mimicked that of endogenous VpreB1. Thus, low levels were detected in pro-B cells, high levels in pre-BI and slightly lower levels in pre-BII cells; no expression was detected in immature/mature B cells. Furthermore, when in vitro cultured transgenic pre-B cells differentiated into immature B cells there was concomitant down-regulation of human CD122 and endogenous VpreB1. Thus the VpreB1 enhancer is sufficient to ensure developmental stage-specific expression of a reporter gene in B lymphocytes in vivo.

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