Where to look for the genes related to diaphragmatic hernia?

Genet Couns. 2003;14(1):75-93.


Analysis of approximately 150 published observations of diaphragmatic hernia (DH) in persons with structural autosomal imbalance showed several segments where DH-related genes may be found. Occurrence of DH in several patients with deletions 15q26, 8p23, 8q22, 4p16, 1q42, and 3q22 allows to propose that these segments harbor the genes which, when deleted (or truncated) may be responsible for DH. Segments 22q11, 4q28.3q32, 1q25q31.2 and 2p23p25 are good candidates for the location of genes which cause DH in trisomic condition. The genetic mechanisms of DH in tetrasomy 12p are not clear, although more than 50 cases of DH have been reported in this syndrome. Frequent coexistence of congenital heart defects and DH in some syndromes (and rarity of this association in some others) may suggest the different pathways of the DH's origin.

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