A new binary system for photosensitized labeling of DNA polymerases in nuclear extract

Biochemistry (Mosc). 2003 Apr;68(4):476-81. doi: 10.1023/a:1023616400794.


A binary system of reagents was used for photosensitized labeling of proteins of bovine testis nuclear extract. A dUTP analog containing 4-azido-2,5-difluoro-3-chloropyridyl group (FAP-dUTP) was used for the first time as a component of the binary system, and a dUTP analog containing the pyrenyl group (Pyr-dUTP) was used as a photosensitizer. Photoaffinity labeling of proteins of nuclear extract was performed using the radioactively labeled DNA duplex with the photoreactive FAP group at the 3;-end of elongating DNA strand and analog of the deoxyribose phosphate residue (3-hydroxy-2-hydroxymethyltetrahydrofuran (F) 5;-phosphate) at the 5;-end of the nick. Such structure is formed by the action of nuclear extract enzymes from the initial DNA duplex containing a synthetic apurine/apyrimidine site and is a photoreactive analog of a long-patch base excision repair intermediate. UV-irradiation modified a limited number of proteins of the nuclear extract. As shown using specific antibodies, the new binary system of photoreagents increases the efficiency of DNA polymerase beta labeling.

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  • 5-(N-(2,3,5,6-tetrafluoro-4-azidobenzoyl)aminopropenyl-1)-2'-deoxyuridine-5'-triphosphate
  • 5-(N-(4-(1-pyrenyl)butylcarbonyl)aminopropenyl-1)-2'-deoxyuridine-5'-triphosphate
  • 5-(N-(N-(4-azido-2,5-difluoro-3-chloropyridin-6-yl)-3-aminopropionyl)-3-aminopropen-1-yl)-2'-deoxyuridine-5'-triphosphate
  • Deoxyuracil Nucleotides
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