Crystal structure determination at 2.3 A of recombinant human dihydrofolate reductase ternary complex with NADPH and methotrexate-gamma-tetrazole

Anticancer Drug Des. 1992 Dec;7(6):483-91.


The crystal structure of the methotrexate-gamma-tetrazole (MTXT)-NADPH ternary complex with recombinant human dihydrofolate reductase (DHFR) has been determined and refined to R = 15.9% for 7003 data from 10.0 to 2.3 A resolution for the R3 lattice. Interpretation of difference Fourier electron density maps revealed that the cofactor NADPH is bound in an extended conformation, and the closest contact between cofactor and inhibitor is 3.1 A, between N(5) of the MTXT pteridine ring and the nicotinamide C(4) which transfers a hydride during the enzyme-catalyzed reaction. As in other DHFR complexes, MTXT is interpreted as protonated at N(1) by Glu-30, and the 2-amino group is hydrogen bonded to a structurally conserved water which also interacts with Glu-30 and Thr-136. The 4-amino group of MTXT hydrogen bonds to the carbonyl of Ile-7 and the phenolic hydroxyl of Tyr-121, and the alpha-carboxylate forms a salt bridge with the conserved Arg-70. In this structure, the amide carbonyl forms two hydrogen bonds with Asn-64 and a water molecule, whereas the gamma-tetrazole ring does not interact directly with the enzyme. The largest changes in the secondary structure on formation of the ternary complex involve the fold of a flexible loop near residues 40-46, and to a lesser extent the helical region near residues 102-109 and the beta-sheet regions near residues 71-75 and 157-159.

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