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, 104 (2), 477-88

A Library of IR Bands of Nucleic Acids in Solution


A Library of IR Bands of Nucleic Acids in Solution

Martina Banyay et al. Biophys Chem.


This review presents a compilation and discussion of infrared (IR) bands characteristic of nucleic acids in various conformations. The entire spectral range 1800-800 cm(-1) relevant for DNA/RNA in aqueous solution has been subdivided into four sections. Each section contains descriptions of bands appearing from group specific parts of nucleic acid structure, such as nucleobase, base-sugar, sugar-phosphate and sugar moiety. The approach allows comparisons of information obtained from one spectral region with another. The IR band library should facilitate detailed and unambiguous assignment of structural changes, ligand binding, etc. in nucleic acids from IR spectra. is aimed at highlighting specific features that are useful for following major changes in nucleic acid structures. also concerns some recent results, where IR spectroscopy has been used to obtain semi-quantitative information on coexisting modes of sugar pucker in oligonucleotides.

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