Performance Testing Updates in Head, Face, and Eye Protection

J Athl Train. 2001 Sep;36(3):322-327.


OBJECTIVE: To describe the evolution and implementation of standards for head, face, and eye protection in sports. BACKGROUND: Recent changes in testing standards for head, face, and eye protection include the development of new equipment, the mandating of tougher standards, and the coverage of additional products by these standards, all in an effort to improve athletes' safety and reduce their risk of injury. The person selecting equipment needs to understand these standards, how they are developed for each piece of equipment, and which standards the piece of equipment is purported to meet. CONCLUSIONS/RECOMMENDATIONS: The sports medicine clinician must recommend only the use of personal protective equipment that meets a current standard; must ensure that the equipment is maintained in its original form and that all parts and labels are present; and must ascertain that equipment is refurbished by a qualified reconditioner. By following these guidelines, we improve sport safety for our athletes and lessen their risk of injury.