Autoantibodies to the Ro/SSA autoantigen are conformation dependent. II: Antibodies to the denatured form of 52 kD Ro/SSA are a cross reacting subset of antibodies to the native 60 kD Ro/SSA molecule

Autoimmunity. 1992;14(2):89-95. doi: 10.3109/08916939209083125.


The immune response to the Ro/SSA particles is conformation dependent. In sera with only anti-Ro/SSA precipitins, the autoantibodies to the 60 kD Ro/SSA are largely to the native 60 kD Ro/SSA while autoantibodies to the 52 kD Ro/SSA particle when present are exclusively to the denatured 52 kD Ro/SSA particle. Antibodies eluted from a recombinant 52 kD Ro/SSA fusion protein reacted in a sandwich ELISA which only measures antibody to native 60 kD Ro/SSA antigens and this reaction is largely inhibited by native homogeneous 60 kD Ro/SSA. In addition, antibody binding to the 52 kD Ro/SSA antigen in Western blot is also strongly inhibited by native 60 kD Ro/SSA. These experiment strongly suggest that reactivity of denatured 52 kD Ro/SSA antigen represents a cross reaction with autoantibodies directed to the native 60 kD Ro/SSA antigen. As a corollary of these experiments, data are presented that suggest the hY-RNAs are not associated with the 52 kD Ro/SSA protein but only with the 60 kD Ro/SSA protein. These data are consistent with the hypothesis that the autoanti-Ro/SSA response is driven by native 60 kD Ro/SSA and the immune response to denatured 52 kD Ro/SSA is largely a cross-reactive subset of the immune response to native 60 kD Ro/SSA.

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