Localization of the ras-like rab3A protein in the adult rat brain

Brain Res. 1992 Sep 11;590(1-2):118-27. doi: 10.1016/0006-8993(92)91087-u.


Rab3A is a small GTP-binding synaptic vesicle protein, shown to dissociate from synaptic vesicle membranes upon depolarization-induced exocytosis. Using an antiserum raised against rab3A, we found that the antigen was localized to the neuropil of specific brain regions, but was not present in major fiber tracts or most cell bodies. For example, the neuropil of several thalamic nuclei (i.e., dorsal lateral geniculate nucleus, lateral posterior nucleus, ventroposterior nucleus), cerebral cortex, upper layers of the superior colliculus and matrix zones of the neostriatum, were strongly immunoreactive, while the anterior commissure, corpus callosum, optic tract and internal capsule were devoid of staining. The hippocampus, regions of cerebral cortex and the cerebellum exhibited striking laminar distributions of rab3A immunoreactivity. In the hippocampus, dark staining was observed in the stratum oriens, stratum radiatum and molecular layer of the dentate gyrus, while the pyramidal, stratum lacunosum moleculare and dentate granule layers were not stained. In cerebellum the molecular layer and to a lesser extent, the underlying granule cell layer showed enhanced immunoreactivity. Seven days after excitotoxic lesions of the cerebral cortex, rab3A immunoreactivity was diminished in the mirror locus in the contralateral cortical hemisphere and in certain thalamic nuclei ipsilateral to the injection site. These results show that rab3A is localized to a number of specific regions. Its absence from other areas suggests that this synaptic vesicle protein is not universal to all neuronal terminals and pathways. In addition, our lesion studies indicate that for some brain regions, much of the antigen originates in cortical neurons and is distributed within specific axonal projections.

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