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, 55 (1), 37-46



M K HINE. J Am Dent Assoc.

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  • Halitosis: Could It Be a Predictor of Stroke?
    WS Tseng. Med Hypotheses 82 (3), 335-7. PMID 24472866.
    Stroke is a medical emergency and can cause permanent neurological disability and death. Halitosis (bad breath) has been reported in many stroke patients. We speculated t …
  • Halitosis
    EL Attia et al. Can Med Assoc J 126 (11), 1281-5. PMID 7074455.
    Bad breath, halitosis, is an unpleasant problem most people try to avoid. Physicians seem particularly adept at avoiding halitosis by referring patients with this problem …
  • Historical and Social Aspects of Halitosis
    MS Elias et al. Rev Lat Am Enfermagem 14 (5), 821-3. PMID 17117270. - Review
    Buccal odors have always been a factor of concern for society. This study aims to investigate the historical and social base of halitosis, through systematized research i …
  • Halitosis: A Review of the Literature on Its Prevalence, Impact and Control
    EA Akaji et al. Oral Health Prev Dent 12 (4), 297-304. PMID 25525639. - Review
    Halitosis is the offensive or disagreeable odour that may emanate from the mouth. In 80%-90% of cases, bacterial activities especially on the dorsum of the tongue are imp …
  • Halitosis - An Overview: Part-I - Classification, Etiology, and Pathophysiology of Halitosis
    GS Madhushankari et al. J Pharm Bioallied Sci 7 (Suppl 2), S339-43. PMID 26538874. - Review
    Halitosis is a condition where the breath is altered in an unpleasant manner for the affected individuals and impairs them socially as well as psychologically. Halitosis …
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