Common sequence motifs at the rearrangement sites of a constitutional X/autosome translocation and associated deletion

Am J Hum Genet. 1992 Apr;50(4):725-41.


Reciprocal chromosome translocations are common de novo rearrangements that occur randomly throughout the human genome. To learn about causative mechanisms, we have cloned and sequenced the breakpoints of a cytologically balanced constitutional reciprocal translocation, t(X;4)(p21.2;q31.22), present in a girl with Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD). Physical mapping of the derivative chromosomes, after their separation in somatic cell hybrids, reveals that the translocation disrupts the DMD gene in Xp21 within the 18-kb intron 16. Restriction mapping and sequencing of clones that span both translocation breakpoints as well as the corresponding normal regions indicate the loss of approximately 5 kb in the formation of the derivative X chromosome, with 4-6 bp deleted from chromosome 4. RFLP and Southern analyses indicate that the de novo translocation is a paternal origin and that the father's X chromosome contains the DNA that is deleted in the derivative X. Most likely, deletion and translation arose simultaneously from a complex rearrangement event that involves three chromosomal breakpoints. Short regions of sequence homology were present at the three sites. A 5-bp sequence, GGAAT, found exactly at the translocation breakpoints on both normal chromosomes X and 4, has been preserved only on the der(4) chromosome. It is likely that the X-derived sequence GGAATCA has been lost in the formation of the der(X) chromosome, as it matches an inverted GAATCA sequence present on the opposite strand exactly at the other end of the deleted 5-kb fragment. These findings suggest a possible mechanism which may have juxtaposed the three sites and mediated sequence-specific breakage and recombination between nonhomologous chromosomes in male meiosis.

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