Association of a nonsense mutation (W1282X), the most common mutation in the Ashkenazi Jewish cystic fibrosis patients in Israel, with presentation of severe disease

Am J Hum Genet. 1992 Jan;50(1):222-8.


Only about 30% of the cystic fibrosis chromosomes in the Israeli cystic fibrosis patient populations carry the major CF mutation (delta F508). Since different Jewish ethnic groups tended to live as closed isolates until recent times, high frequencies of specific mutations are expected among the remainder cystic fibrosis chromosomes of these ethnic groups. Genetic factors appear to influence the severity of the disease. It is therefore expected that different mutations will be associated with either severe or mild phenotype. Direct genomic sequencing of exons included in the two nucleotide-binding folds of the putative CFTR protein was performed on 119 Israeli cystic fibrosis patients from 97 families. One sequence alteration which is expected to create a termination at residue 1282 (W1282X) was found in 63 chromosomes. Of 95 chromosomes, 57 (60%) are of Ashkenazi origin. Together with the delta F508 (23% in this group), G542X, N1303K, and 1717-1G----A mutations, the identification of 92% of cystic fibrosis chromosomes of Ashkenazi origin becomes possible. Patients homozygous for the W1282X mutation (n = 16) and patients heterozygous for the delta F508 and W1282X mutations (n = 22) had similarly severe disease, reflected by pancreatic insufficiency, high incidence of meconium ileus (37% and 27%, respectively), early age at diagnosis, poor nutritional status, and variable pulmonary function. In conclusion, the W1282X mutation is the most common cystic fibrosis mutation in the Ashkenazi Jewish patient population in Israel. This nonsense mutation is associated with presentation of severe disease.

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