Response of human platelets to activating monoclonal antibodies: importance of Fc gamma RII (CD32) phenotype and level of expression

Blood. 1992 Nov 1;80(9):2261-8.


Certain monoclonal antibodies (MoAbs) specific for platelet membrane glycoproteins are known to be capable of activating platelets, and it is generally thought that platelets from normal subjects are equally susceptible to stimulation by such MoAbs. We found that platelets from 20 normal donors varied significantly in their sensitivity to three IgG1 murine MoAbs specific for membrane glycoproteins CD9, GPIV (CD36), and the GPIIb/IIIa complex (CD41), respectively. The response of platelets to these MoAbs was blocked by prior addition of MoAb IV.3 specific for the Fc gamma RII receptor, indicating that activation was Fc receptor mediated. Platelets that responded poorly to these MoAbs failed to bind the MoAb 41H.16, specific for the "responder" form of Fc gamma RII, but platelets that responded well reacted with this MoAb. The average number of Fc gamma RII receptors on platelets from "responders" and "non-responders" was approximately the same. However, the number of Fc gamma RII receptors expressed influenced sensitivity of a subgroup of "responder" platelets to the anti-CD41 MoAb. These platelets were judged on the basis of MoAb binding studies to be heterozygous for the two alleles of Fc gamma RIIA. In contrast to their varying sensitivity to IgG1 MoAbs, members of the platelet panel responded equally well to 50H.19, an IgG2a MoAb specific for CD9, and these responses could not be blocked by MoAb IV.3 in the presence of plasma. This appears to be because of dual actions of 50H.19 on platelets: one FcR-dependent and the other complement-dependent. Our findings confirm previous reports that certain IgG1 MoAbs activate platelets through binding of their Fc domains to Fc gamma RII receptors and demonstrate that this response is influenced both by Fc gamma RII phenotype and (in the case of the anti-CD41 MoAb) by the number of Fc gamma RII receptors expressed. The failure of nonresponding platelets to bind detectable amounts of MoAb 41H.16, which is thought to recognize all Fc gamma RII receptors except for one allele of the Fc gamma RIIA gene, is consistent with the possibility that Fc gamma RIIA gene products, but not Fc gamma RIIB or Fc gamma RIIC gene products, are expressed on platelets.

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