Distribution of hyaluronan and its CD44 receptor in the epithelia of human skin appendages

Histochemistry. 1992 Sep;98(2):105-12. doi: 10.1007/BF00717001.


Biotinylated hyaluronan (HA) binding complex (HABC) from bovine articular cartilage proteoglycan was used as a histological probe to study the localization of HA in human skin. The distribution of HA was compared with its presumptive cell surface receptor, CD44, using monoclonal antibodies. In epidermis both HA and CD44 were found in the basal and spinous cell layers, but neither was present in the stratum granulosum and stratum corneum. In the keratinizing parts of hair follicles, i.e. in the outer and inner epidermal root sheath, pilosebaceous duct and the actual hair, HA and CD44 were found between the vital but not the terminally differentiated cells. In the sebaceous glands a small amount of HA was found around all cells, whereas CD44 was restricted to the basal cell layer. The secretory acini of the sweat glands stained intensively with anti-CD44 antibodies but only weakly with HABC. In the sweat gland, CD44 was localized on the basal and lateral surfaces of the clear cells, whereas the dark cells and the myoepithelial cells were negative. Both the lower and upper layers of the sweat gland ducts showed a faint but constant staining for CD44 and only minor amounts of HA. While in the keratinizing skin epithelia both HA and its CD44 receptor showed an intense staining with a close co-distribution, in the sweat and sebaceous glands their distribution patterns were not similar. It is suggested that in epithelia with divergent differentiation programs the functions of CD44 and HA may be different.

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