[Hydrolysis of polymeric fibrin by plasmin, miniplasmin, microplasmin and trypsin]

Ukr Biokhim Zh (1978). May-Jun 1992;64(3):14-20.
[Article in Russian]


125I-labeled polymeric fibrin hydrolyzed with plasmin, Val442-plasmin (miniplasmin, Lys530-plasmin (microplasmin) and trypsin has been studied for radioactivity of its separate electrophoretic bands. The reaction of hydrolysis was stopped at a moment of a two-fold decrease of the fibrin clot turbidity (t1/2) at the wave length 350 nm. For plasmin, miniplasmin, microplasmin and trypsin taken in the same caseinolytic activities t1/2 was 12.4, 40.0 164.1 and 76.8 min, respectively. Differences in composition of fibrin digests taken at t1/2, are demonstrated: the content of high-molecular components of digests decreases in the order of plasmin greater than miniplasmin greater than microplasmin greater than trypsin, thus showing differences in the processes of fibrin clot structure disruption by the enzymes.

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  • Biopolymers
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  • Biopolymers
  • Iodine Radioisotopes
  • Peptide Fragments
  • miniplasmin
  • microplasmin
  • Fibrin
  • Trypsin
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