Generating data in models including direct and maternal dominance effects

J Appl Genet. 2001;42(2):193-203.


Algorithms are presented to simulate multiple generations of animal data by a model including direct additive genetic, maternal additive genetic, direct dominance, maternal dominance and permanent environmental effects. Dominance effects were computed as parental subclasses. Testing involved five single trait models that included direct contemporary group and direct additive effects, and different combinations of maternal, permanent environmental, and dominance effects. Simulated populations included 5 generations of animals and 20 contemporary groups per generation. The base population contained 200 sires and 600 dams. Variance components were estimated by Average-Information Restricted Maximum Likelihood (AIREML). No significant bias was observed. The simulation algorithms can be used in research involving dominance models, such as evaluation of mating systems exploiting special combining abilities of prospective parents.