Genetic parameters of coat colour in golden fox (Vulpes vulpes L.)

J Appl Genet. 2000;41(4):259-65.


Genetic parameters (heritability, genetic and phenotypic correlations) of chosen coat colour traits of golden fox were estimated. 1013 animals, born on the Sniaty fox farm (Poland) in 1985-1999 were evaluated. In 1993-1999 colour type was additionally assessed for 833 animals, by detailed evaluation of coat colour on the back and sides of the body, throat colour, belly colour and the amount of silver hair. The REML method was used to estimate genetic (co)variance components. Data were transformed using the probit transformation. Heritability estimates for coat traits were low (0.04 to 0.22). Values of most of the estimated genetic parameters (h2, rG, rP) were comparable to those frequently reported for other colour types of silver fox.