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, 1 (3), E82

Human Epigenome Project--Up and Running


Human Epigenome Project--Up and Running

Jane Bradbury. PLoS Biol.


The Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute and Epigenomics AG recently announced the launch of the Human Epigenome Project - a 5-year project to map the sites of DNA methylation throughout the human genome


Figure 2
Figure 2. Example of HEP Methylation Data for the BAT8 Gene, an MHC-Linked Histone Methyltransferase
In this case, two regions marked in red were analysed in 31 samples (rows) from seven tissues (blocks of rows). The predicted structure of the gene is shown below with coloured boxes indicating the exons. As part of the launch of the HEP on October 7, 2003, these data and others, together with experimental details of the pilot study, were released at
Figure 1
Figure 1. Spot the Difference: Same Genes but a Different Kink in the Tail
(Photograph courtesy of Emma Whitelaw, University of Sydney, Australia.)

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