GA-binding protein transcription factor: a review of GABP as an integrator of intracellular signaling and protein-protein interactions

Blood Cells Mol Dis. Jan-Feb 2004;32(1):143-54. doi: 10.1016/j.bcmd.2003.09.005.


GA-binding protein (GABP) is an ets transcription factor that controls gene expression in several important biological settings. It is unique among ets factors, since the transcriptionally active complex is an obligate heterotetramer that is composed of two distinct proteins. GABPalpha includes an ets DNA binding domain (DBD), while a distinct protein, GABPbeta, contains ankyrin repeats and the transcriptional activation domain (TAD). GABP was first identified as a regulator of viral genes and nuclear respiratory factors. However, GABP is now recognized to be a key transcriptional regulator of dynamically regulated, lineage-restricted genes, especially in myeloid cells and at the neuromuscular junction. Furthermore, it regulates genes that are intimately involved in cell cycle control, protein synthesis, and cellular metabolism. GABP acts as an integrator of cellular signaling pathways by regulating key hormones and transmembrane receptors. In addition, GABP itself, is a target of phosphorylation events that lie downstream of signal transduction pathways. The physical and functional interactions of GABPalpha and GABPbeta with each other and with other transcription factors and co-activators are key to its ability to regulate gene expression. Its role in regulating genes involved in fundamental cellular processes places GABP at the nexus of key cellular pathways and functions.

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