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. 2002;19(7-9):433-40.
doi: 10.1023/B:GLYC.0000014072.34840.04.

Introduction to Galectins


Introduction to Galectins

Hakon Leffler et al. Glycoconj J. .


Good evidence suggest roles of galectins in cancer, immunity and inflammation, and development, but a unifying picture of their biological function is lacking. Instead galectins appear to have a particularly diverse, bewildering but intriguing array of activities both inside and outside cells--"clear truths and mysteries are inextricably twined". Fortunately this has not discouraged but rather enthused a large number of good galectin researchers, some of which have contributed to this special issue of Glycoconjugate Journal to provide a personal, critical status of the field. Here we will give a brief introduction to the galectins as a protein family with some comments on nomenclature.

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