Applied kinesiology for treatment of women with mastalgia

Breast. 2001 Feb;10(1):15-9. doi: 10.1054/brst.2000.0176.


To determine whether an applied kinesiology technique was of benefit to women with breast pain, an open pilot study was conducted in which 88 newly presenting women with self-rated moderate or severe mastalgia were treated by applied kinesiology. This involved a hands-on technique consisting of rubbing a series of 'lymphatic reflex points' while touching painful areas of the breasts. The women were predominantly pre-menopausal, and patients with both cyclical and non-cyclical pain were included in the study. Patients' self-rated pain scores, both before and immediately after applied kinesiology were compared, together with a further score 2 months later. Immediately after treatment there was considerable reduction in breast pain in 60% of patients with complete resolution in 18%. At the visit after 2 months, there was a reduction in severity, duration and frequency of pain of 50% or more in about 60% of cases (P<0.0001). This preliminary study suggests that applied kinesiology may be an effective treatment for mastalgia, without side-effects and merits testing against standard drug therapies.