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, 39 (5), 312-24

Afferent Connections of the Habenular Complex in the Lizard Gallotia Galloti


Afferent Connections of the Habenular Complex in the Lizard Gallotia Galloti

C Díaz et al. Brain Behav Evol.


Afferents to the habenular complex were studied by means of in vitro horseradish peroxidase retrograde labeling and anterograde control experiments in the lizard Gallotia galloti. The medial habenular nucleus was found to receive abundant afferent fibers from the nucleus of the posterior pallial commissure and the nucleus septalis impar. More restricted input comes from the nucleus eminentiae thalami and the nucleus of the stria medullaris. The lateral habenular nucleus is innervated by various fiber groups originating from the bed nucleus of the anterior commissure, the diagonal band nucleus, the lateral preoptic area, the anterior entopeduncular nucleus, the lateral hypothalamic and mammillary areas, the nucleus of the stria medullaris, the area tegmentalis ventralis and a scattered neuronal subpopulation in the large-celled dorsolateral nucleus of the dorsal thalamus. Habenulopetal fibers generally follow the stria medullaris, but hypothalamic, entopeduncular and dorsal thalamic afferents course through the dorsal peduncle of the lateral forebrain bundle in a transthalamic route. Mesencephalic ventral tegmental afferents ascend through the tractus retroflexus.

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