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, 119 (3), 93-100

Elements of Medical Research

  • PMID: 15115159

Elements of Medical Research

A Indrayan. Indian J Med Res.


Most medical research is empirical based on evidence rather than hunches or preferences. It follows a series of specific steps. There are no short cuts. Collection of evidence and its analysis should follow a carefully drawn protocol. Most of the modern medical research requires biostatistical tools to reach to a valid and reliable conclusion. Researcher must have an adequate knowledge and skill to be really effective. The endeavours should be consistent with the accepted medical and research ethics. Medical research can provide immense satisfaction when conducted on scientific lines, and can be occasionally frustrating when years of efforts fail to produce expected results. This article focuses on aspects that can increase the credibility of research. It is addressed to all interested in medical research, and seeking answers to questions such as what actually is research, what are its types, what specific steps should be followed, what a research protocol should contain, and what makes research credible etc.

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