Motion measurements in the jumping of a mountain bike

Biomed Sci Instrum. 2004;40:43-50.


Mountain biking is generally a much more extreme sport than road cycling. It exhibits large motions and loadings, and involves complicated interactions between the rider and the bike. A dynamic model of a mountain bike and rider is being developed that requires validation by comparing predicted and actual dynamic performance. This paper reports the first step by acquiring experimental data of a moderately extreme maneuver; a mid speed jump and landing and was undertaken as part of a senior level instrumentation class. Both biomechanics and mechanical engineering studies can benefit from this data. A mountain bike and rider are instrumented for video marker tracking during the jumping maneuver. Positions are numerically differentiated to obtain velocities and accelerations. This motion data is examined for continuity and reasonableness. Future manipulation of this data will provide joint reaction data and center of mass motion for a bicycle/rider model validation.

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