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, 16 (3), 263-71

Recent Highlights of RNA-polymerase-II-mediated Transcription


Recent Highlights of RNA-polymerase-II-mediated Transcription

Robert J Sims 3rd et al. Curr Opin Cell Biol.


Considerable advances into the basis of RNA-polymerase-II-mediated transcriptional regulation have recently emerged. Biochemical, genetic and structural studies have contributed to novel insights into transcription, as well as the functional significance of covalent histone modifications. New details regarding transcription elongation through chromatin have further defined the mechanism behind this action, and identified how chromatin structure may be maintained after RNAP II traverses a nucleosome. ATP-dependent chromatin remodeling complexes, along with histone chaperone complexes, were recently discovered to facilitate histone exchange. In addition, it has become increasingly clear that transcription by RNA polymerase II extends beyond RNA synthesis, towards a more active role in mRNA maturation, surveillance and export to the cytoplasm.

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