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Test-retest Reliability of Temporal and Spatial Gait Characteristics Measured With an Instrumented Walkway System (GAITRite)


Test-retest Reliability of Temporal and Spatial Gait Characteristics Measured With an Instrumented Walkway System (GAITRite)

Cornelis J T van Uden et al. BMC Musculoskelet Disord.


Background: The purpose of this study was to determine the test-retest reliability of temporal and spatial gait measurements over a one-week period as measured using an instrumented walkway system (GAITRite).

Methods: Subjects were tested on two occasions one week apart. Measurements were made at preferred and fast walking speeds using the GAITRite system. Measurements tested included walking speed, step length, stride length, base of support, step time, stride time, swing time, stance time, single and double support times, and toe in-toe out angle.

Results: Twenty-one healthy subjects participated in this study. The group consisted of 12 men and 9 women, with an average age of 34 years (range: 19-59 years). At preferred walking speed, all gait measurements had ICC's of 0.92 and higher, except base of support which had an ICC of 0.80. At fast walking speed all gait measurements had ICC's above 0.89 except base of support (ICC = 0.79),

Conclusions: Spatial-temporal gait measurements demonstrate good to excellent test-retest reliability over a one-week time span.

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