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, 271 (12), 2335-49

Chromatin Dynamics at DNA Replication, Transcription and Repair


Chromatin Dynamics at DNA Replication, Transcription and Repair

Ann E Ehrenhofer-Murray. Eur J Biochem.


During DNA replication, transcription and DNA repair in eukaryotes, the cellular machineries performing these tasks need to gain access to the DNA that is packaged into chromatin in the nucleus. Chromatin is a dynamic structure that modulates the access of regulatory factors to the genetic material. A precise coordination and organization of events in opening and closing of the chromatin is crucial to ensure that the correct spatial and temporal epigenetic code is maintained within the eukaryotic genome. This review will summarize the current knowledge of how chromatin remodeling and histone modifying complexes cooperate to break and remake chromatin during nuclear processes on the DNA template.

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