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, 14 (2), 133-8

Transcriptional Regulation in Archaea


Transcriptional Regulation in Archaea

Mohamed Ouhammouch. Curr Opin Genet Dev.


During the past few decades, it has become clear that microorganisms can thrive under the most diverse conditions, including extremes of temperature, pressure, salinity and pH. Most of these extremophilic organisms belong to the third domain of life, that of the Archaea. The organisms of this domain are of particular interest because most informational systems that are associated with archaeal genomes and their expression are reminiscent of those seen in Eucarya, whereas, most of their metabolic aspects are similar to those of Bacteria. A better understanding of the regulatory mechanisms of gene expression in Archaea will, therefore, help to integrate the body of knowledge regarding the regulatory mechanisms that underlie gene expression in all three domains of life.

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