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, 7 (7), 683

Brain Scam?

No authors listed

Brain Scam?

No authors listed. Nat Neurosci.

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  • Defining Neuromarketing: Practices and Professional Challenges
    CE Fisher et al. Harv Rev Psychiatry 18 (4), 230-7. PMID 20597593. - Review
    Neuromarketing has recently generated controversies concerning the involvement of medical professionals, and many key questions remain-ones that have potentially importan …
  • Brain Imaging: A Decade of Coverage in the Print Media
    E Racine et al. Sci Commun 28 (1), 122-142. PMID 17330151.
    Advances in neuroscience are increasingly intersecting with issues of ethical, legal, and social interest. This study is an analysis of press coverage of an advanced tech …
  • fMRI in the Public Eye
    E Racine et al. Nat Rev Neurosci 6 (2), 159-64. PMID 15685221. - Review
    The wide dissemination and expanding applications of functional MRI have not escaped the attention of the media or discussion in the wider public arena. From the bench to …

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