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, 48 (3), 641-65, vi

Complete Denture Occlusion


Complete Denture Occlusion

Brien R Lang. Dent Clin North Am.


Lingualized articulation has been advocated by many practitioners over the past 60 years. It can be achieved using a variety of tooth molds arranged in a number of ways that seem to provide the least complicated approach to occlusal rehabilitation and to satisfy the needs of the edentulous patient. Clinical experience has supported its use during functional and nonfunctional activities [17, 18]. The different combinations of tooth molds available from one particular tooth manufacturer, and now specific molds designed for lingualized articulation by other manufacturers, allows the practitioner to improve the likelihood of maximal intercuspation, avoid deflective occlusal contacts, determine cusp height for selective occlusal reshaping, and achieve a natural and pleasing appearance. The articulation and arrangement of the posterior teeth in lingualized articulation assures a standardized arrangement.

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