Vaccination strategies against Tritrichomonas foetus

Parasitol Today. 1994 Mar;10(3):103-6. doi: 10.1016/0169-4758(94)90009-4.


Immunoprophyloxis for bovine trichomoniosis has been a priority because of the high prevalence o f the disease, the considerable economic loss due to the infection and the lack of approved chemotherapeutic agents. The commercial availability of first-generation vaccines provides hope not only for even more effective immunization regimens far this disease, but also for other protozoal infections and for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) caused by a wide variety of infectious agents. At present, efficacious vaccines for protozoal diseases and for STDs are rare. Since information gained on immunization against Tritrichomonas foetus may have broad significance for control of these two classes of infection,it is important to explore the biological basis of protection against this protozoal infection of the reproductive tract In this paper, Lynette Corbeil reviews data on host-parasite relationships in bovine trichomoniasis as a basis for developing vaccine strategies.