Anxiety in patients having caesarean section under regional anaesthesia: a questionnaire and pilot study

Int J Obstet Anesth. 2001 Oct;10(4):278-83. doi: 10.1054/ijoa.2001.0866.


The aim of this pilot study was to investigate anxiety levels in patients undergoing elective caesarean section under regional anaesthesia, and to ascertain whether this group of patients considered the administration of anxiolytic premedicant drugs before surgery acceptable. Anxiety was assessed by two means, using a self-reported anxiety score and a physiological evaluation in the form of skin conductance measurements. The patient was given an information sheet explaining the potential advantages and disadvantages associated with the use of temazepam as an anxiolytic premedicant before caesarean section. Having read the information sheet, the patient's opinion regarding the use of anxiolytic premedicant drugs in this context was determined using a questionnaire. Most women reported high preoperative anxiety levels, although the cause of their anxiety was not determined. In our hospital, a significant proportion of such women would accept temazepam as anxiolytic premedication, despite being aware of its potential adverse side effects.