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. 2003 Dec;17(4):322-6.

[Investigation of Arboviruses in Lancang River Down-Stream Area in Yunnan Province]

[Article in Chinese]
  • PMID: 15340542

[Investigation of Arboviruses in Lancang River Down-Stream Area in Yunnan Province]

[Article in Chinese]
San-ju Tao et al. Zhonghua Shi Yan He Lin Chuang Bing Du Xue Za Zhi. .


Objective: To investigate the epidemic state of arboviruses in the downstream area of Lancang river in Yunnan province.

Methods: Mosquitoes were collected from Lancang river downstream area (including Lancang county and Simao city) during summer in 1998 and stored in liquid nitrogen after classification. The mosquito pools were homogenized and centrifuged, then the supernatant was inoculated into C6/36 cells for virus isolation. New isolates were identified by neutralization test(NT), ELISA, immunofluorescence assay(IFA) and polyacrylamid gel electrophoresis(PAGE).

Results: Totally 22 isolates of arbovirus were obtained from 233 mosquito pools by inoculation of C6/36 cells and positive rate of the isolation was 9.4%. Ten strains were resistant to both ether and 5 prime-IDU. So they were non-enveloped double-stranded (ds) RNA virus. Twelve segmented RNAs were shown by PAGE and PAGE profiles from the ten strains were 6-6 with minor variation. The isolates can be neutralized by immunized mouse ascites fluid of BJ95-75 strains of coltivirus by NT, and reacted with monoclonal antibody against BJ95-75 by ELISA. These viruses were identified as coltivirus. Nine isolates were sensitive to ether and resistant to 5 prime-IDU. So they were non-enveloped RNA viruses. PAGE showed 10 segmented RNA, and they were identified to be orbiviruses. Three isolations were sensitive to ether. One of them can be neutralized with JEV A2 strain antibody by NT and was positive to the homologous antibody by IFA. It was identified being strain of JE virus. One strain(YN92-4) can be reacted with anti-bunyavirus group specific immune ascites fluid by both IFA and ElISA, but reacted neither with anti-alpha virus group, nor with anti-flavivirus group JE virus ascites fluid. The virions are spherical and about 87 nm in diameter with surface projections by negative staining. Conclusion Twenty-two isolates have been obtained from wild caught-mosquitoes of Lancang river down-stream area in Yunnan province. Among them ten, nine, one and one were identified as coltivirus, orbivirus, JE virus and bunyavirus, respectively. One is under identification. This is the first report on bunyavirus isolated from mosquitoes in China.

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