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, 126 (46), 15036-7

How Large Is the Conjugative Stabilization of Diynes?


How Large Is the Conjugative Stabilization of Diynes?

P D Jarowski et al. J Am Chem Soc.


The conjugation stabilization energies of dienes and diynes are considerably larger than estimates based on heat of hydrogenation differences between 1,3-butadiyne and 1-butyne as well as between 1,3-butadiene and 1-butene. Such comparisons do not take into account the counterbalancing hyperconjugative stabilization of the partially hydrogenated products by their ethyl groups. When alkyl hyperconjugation is considered, the conjugation stabilization of diynes ( approximately 9.3 kcal/mol) is found by two methods (involving isomerization of nonconjugated into conjugated isomers and heats of hydrogenation) to be larger than that of dienes ( approximately 8.2 kcal/mol).

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