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, 45 (1), 50-5

A Novel cis-AB Allele Derived From a Unique 796C>A Mutation in Exon 7 of ABO Gene


A Novel cis-AB Allele Derived From a Unique 796C>A Mutation in Exon 7 of ABO Gene

Cheng-Hwai Tzeng et al. Transfusion.

Erratum in

  • Transfusion. 2005 Nov;45(11):1827


Background: The cis-AB phenotype is very rare, and only three genotypes that correspond to specific ABO allele changes have been reported. Cis-AB01 involves the A102 allele with a nonsynonymous substitution G803C in exon 7, whereas cis-AB02 and cis-AB03 involve different nonsynonymous substitutions A796C and C700T, respectively, on the B101 allele background. The nucleotide substitutions give rise to a change of the respective glycosyltransferase, resulting in varying bifunctional AB transferase activities.

Study design and methods: Two cis-AB phenotypes were identified in a Taiwanese C. family and two unrelated individuals, respectively. Serologic studies, molecular cloning, and sequencing of exon 6 and exon 7 were carried out to determine their respective phenotypic characteristics and cis-AB alleles. A cohort of 300 AB-phenotype, healthy random individuals served as controls.

Results: A novel cis-AB allele is uncovered out of the three family members, of which a 796C>A substitution occurs predicting an amino acid change at residue 266 of leucine to methionine on the background of A102 allele. It is serologically like cis-AB03, an A2B phenotype, but molecularly different. Both of the two unrelated individuals are of cis-AB01 allele, and all of the 300 AB blood group controls are excluded cis-AB phenotype.

Conclusion: The C. family described carries a novel cis-AB allele that differs molecularly from all previously reported cis-AB alleles.

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