Nomenclature and taxonomy of the genus Salmonella

Int J Syst Evol Microbiol. 2005 Jan;55(Pt 1):521-524. doi: 10.1099/ijs.0.63580-0.


The nomenclature of the genus Salmonella has reached an unsatisfactory state of affairs, with two systems of nomenclature in circulation. One system, proposed in the 1980s by Le Minor and Popoff, has received wide acceptance, although it does not conform to the rules of the Bacteriological Code. The other system, which conforms to the rules of the Bacteriological Code, is being used by an ever-decreasing minority. As a result of a number of recent Requests for an Opinion, the Judicial Commission of the International Committee on the Systematics of Prokaryotes has issued an Opinion (Opinion 80) with the intention that it should solve these discrepancies. However, like all Opinions, it is limited to matters of nomenclature and does not help to interpret the taxonomic consequences. The Judicial Commission has therefore asked experts in the field of nomenclature and taxonomy to write a commentary on the nomenclatural and taxonomic consequences of Opinion 80. The present article explains the nomenclatural consequences of Opinion 80, together with a clear presentation of the taxonomy that results when applying the currently widely accepted interpretation that the genus Salmonella currently includes only two species.

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