Distribution and kinetics of SR-PSOX/CXCL16 and CXCR6 expression on human dendritic cell subsets and CD4+ T cells

J Leukoc Biol. 2005 May;77(5):777-86. doi: 10.1189/jlb.1204733. Epub 2005 Feb 9.


Dendritic cells (DCs) coordinate T cell responses by producing T cell-attracting chemokines and by inducing the expression of chemokine receptors on T cells. Scavenger receptor for phosphatidylserine and oxidized lipoprotein (SR-PSOX)/CXC chemokine ligand 16 (CXCL16) is a unique chemokine that also functions as an endocytic receptor and an adhesion molecule in its membrane-bound form. SR-PSOX/CXCL16 is the only known ligand of CXC chemokine receptor 6 (CXCR6) that is expressed on activated T cells and thus, may play an important role in enhancing effector functions of T cells. Here, we investigated the expression of SR-PSOX/CXCL16 on human DC subsets and that of CXCR6 on T cell subpopulations to elucidate the dynamics of CXCL16/CXCR6 interaction in DC/T cell responses. Membrane-bound SR-PSOX/CXCL16 was expressed on macrophages, monocyte-derived DCs, and blood myeloid DCs, and the expression increased after DC maturation. Myeloid antigen-presenting cells constitutively secreted SR-PSOX/CXCL16 for an extended period, suggesting the involvement of CXCL16 in peripheral and lymphoid tissues. Plasmacytoid DCs hardly expressed SR-PSOX/CXCL16 on their surfaces but secreted significant amounts of SR-PSOX/CXCL16. A subset of CD4+ effector memory T (T(EM)) cells constitutively expressed CXCR6, whereas central memory T cells (T(CM)) and naive T cells did not. Upon stimulation with mature DCs, however, the expression of CXCR6 on T(CM) cells was markedly up-regulated, whereas the expression on naive T cells was induced only weakly. These results suggest that the interaction between SR-PSOX/CXCL16 and CXCR6 plays an important role in enhancing T(CM) cell responses by mature DCs in lymphoid tissues and in augmenting T(EM) cell responses by macrophages in peripheral inflamed tissues.

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