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, 6 (2), 97-102

Clinical Applications of Hormonal Therapy in Ovarian Cancer


Clinical Applications of Hormonal Therapy in Ovarian Cancer

Gautam G Rao et al. Curr Treat Options Oncol.


The ovary is an endocrine organ and an end organ. Hormones and their receptors have been associated with ovarian cancer and may be related to its causation. Some data suggest that hormonal therapies may have some effect on ovarian cancer in palliative settings. No hormonal therapy is approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the treatment of any type of ovarian malignancy nor is it listed as an active agent by any of the authoritative compendia. Because of the endocrine associations with ovarian cancer, the minimal side effects, and demonstrated activity of hormonal therapies in other endocrine-associated malignancies, further study is needed.

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