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, 103 (1), 1-6

Prospects for Aberration-Free Electron Microscopy


Prospects for Aberration-Free Electron Microscopy

H Rose. Ultramicroscopy.


Future aberration-corrected electron microscopes that will enable sub-Angstroem spatial and sub-eV energy resolution are outlined . The sub-Angstroem transmission electron microscope (SATEM) only compensates for the spherical aberration and reduces the chromatic aberration disc by means of a monochromator. In order to correct for both aberrations, two novel correctors, the ultracorrector and the superaplanator are proposed which will yield a resolution limit of about 0.5A and a large field of view of more than 4 x 10(6) image points. The superaplanator is best suited for obtaining an achromatic aplanat required for the realization of the high-performance in situ electron microscope of the TEAM project.

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