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. 2005 Mar;27(2):201-4.

[Report on 16 Rare Species of Human Chromosomal]

[Article in Chinese]
  • PMID: 15843345

[Report on 16 Rare Species of Human Chromosomal]

[Article in Chinese]
Wei-Tian Han et al. Yi Chuan. .


By examining the lymphocytic chromosomes of peripheral blood from patients with amenorrhea, spontaneous abortion and stillbirth history, .the 16 rare species of human chromosomal abnormal karyotypes were discovered. They were 46,XY,t(6;11)(q25;p15);46,XY,inv(3)(p25;q29);46,XY,t(7;18)(q10;p10);46,X,t(X;13)(q24;q14);46,XY,t(4;7)(q33;q22);46,XY,t(8;15)(q24;q15);46,XY,t(2;17)(q33;q25);46,XX,t(4;7)(q34;q11);46,XX,t(1;3)(p36;p23);46,XX,t(4;6)(q35;p11);46,X,inv(X)(q22;q28);46,XX,t(7;10)(p11;q26);46,XX,t(3;6)(p21;q23);46,XX,t(8;16)(p21;p13);46,XX,t(8;9)(q21;q34);46,XY,t(17;22)(q21;q11). Their clinical situation were described. Discussion on the relationship between the chromosomal aberrations and phenotype effect indicates the importance of chromosome karyotyping in patients with abnormal reproductive history.

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