[Try to improve journal quality by improving standards and editing process]

Shanghai Kou Qiang Yi Xue. 2005 Apr;14(2):97-8.
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The quality of medical journals depends on several factors involving 3 groups of people with their independent but relevant roles: the authors, the reviewers and the editors. Peer review and editing is the key factor to improve the quality of medical publications and journals. Shanghai Journal of Stomatology (SJS) has been regarded as a leading journal for publishing high-quality work in the field of stomatology in China. In October 2003, it was accepted by the National Library of Medicine, USA, to be indexed and included in Index Medicus and MEDLINE. To further improve the journal's overall quality, the Editorial Agency led by Professor Zheng Jia-wei has made great efforts to formulate its essential requirements in paper style, bilingual abstract writing and statistical analysis for the manuscripts submitted for possible publication. Strict independent peer review system has been adopted to assess the quality of the manuscripts received since it was founded in 1992. The reviewer is required to address detailed aspects of the paper under review and to resend his or her opinion on the paper. The editorial management is a crucial part of the publishing process. The editors begin action with the receipt of the manuscript, direct the various steps of evaluation, correction and re-submission, until a decision is made to accept or reject the paper at the regular meeting of Decision Making Group on Manuscripts of SJS led by the Editor-in-Chief. Once a paper is accepted and carefully revised, the editors will make necessary text and layout editing. Due consideration is given to the statistical, bilingual and ethical aspects as well as to the overall uniformity of the terminology, nomenclatures and style throughout the volume as a whole in the promotion of standards. The journal has not been cited by Science Citation Index (SCI) till now, further steps should be taken to make this journal better known throughout the World, to improve the quality of the publications and reduce the delay between the initial receipt and the final publication of manuscripts.

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