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, 94 (18), 185001

Stabilization of Interchange Modes by Rotating Magnetic Fields


Stabilization of Interchange Modes by Rotating Magnetic Fields

H Y Guo et al. Phys Rev Lett.


Interchange modes have been a key limiting instability for many magnetic confinement fusion configurations. In previous studies intended to deal with these ubiquitous instabilities, complex, transport enhancing, minimum-B producing coils were added to the otherwise simple linear mirror plasma. Possible solutions for returning to a simple symmetric mirror configuration, such as ponderomotive fields, are weak and difficult to apply. A new method is demonstrated here for the first time, utilizing rotating magnetic fields that are simple to apply and highly effective. A simple and easily comprehensible theory has also been developed to explain the remarkable stabilizing properties. Although this work has been performed on field reversed configurations, it should have a wide application to other confinement schemes, and could become a cornerstone for high-beta plasma stability.

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