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, 15 (7), 356-63

GDIs: Central Regulatory Molecules in Rho GTPase Activation


GDIs: Central Regulatory Molecules in Rho GTPase Activation

Céline DerMardirossian et al. Trends Cell Biol.


The GDP dissociation inhibitors (GDIs) are pivotal regulators of Rho GTPase function. GDIs control the access of Rho GTPases to regulatory guanine nucleotide exchange factors and GTPase-activating proteins, to effector targets and to membranes where such effectors reside. We discuss here our current understanding of how Rho GTPase-GDI complexes are regulated by various proteins, lipids and enzymes that exert GDI displacement activity. We propose that phosphorylation mediated by diverse kinases might provide a means of controlling and coordinating Rho GTPase activation.

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