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, 21 (8), 604-8

Lung Resection in Children for Infectious Pulmonary Diseases


Lung Resection in Children for Infectious Pulmonary Diseases

Adel Khader Ayed et al. Pediatr Surg Int.


Lung resection is uncommon in children because of its limited indications. We reviewed and analyzed the records of 31 children who underwent pulmonary resection between 1994 and 2001. The mean age was 7 years (range 1.6-12 years), and genders were equal. Bronchiectasis, lung abscess, necrotizing pneumonia, and destroyed lung were seen in 14, 12, 3, and 2 patients, respectively. Bronchial stenosis and inflammation of the bronchus was found endoscopically in four patients, and a foreign body in one patient. The indications for surgery in chronic sepsis were: recurrent respiratory tract infections, severe bronchiectasis, recurrent hemoptysis, destroyed lung parenchyma, and lung abscess, while the indications for surgery in acute infections were: failed medical treatment, or empyema. A lobectomy was done on 15 patients, lobectomy and lingulectomy on 4, lobectomy and decortications on 10, and pneumonectomy on 2 with no operative deaths. Intra-operative and post-operative complications were seen in 2 and 4 patients, respectively. Mean follow-up was 3.9 years (range 1.5-5 years). Twenty-eight patients were asymptomatic and three had improved. Respiratory function remained unchanged in 14 children. Mediastinal shift and lung overinflation occurred after pneumonectomy. These results show that lung resection can be done safely in pulmonary infection refractory to conservative medical therapy. Pulmonary resection does not alter respiratory function since the resected segments do not contribute to ventilation.

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