[Tumor relevance analysis of a highly conserved gene by using gene microarray hybridization]

Yi Chuan. 2002 May;24(3):227-31.
[Article in Chinese]


Preliminary function research of a highly conserved human gene,which was cloned from human fetal cDNA library during large-scale cDNA sequencing,is illustrated in this article. Bioinformatics analysis indicates that this gene is highly conserved in human, mouse, fruit fly, thaliana and fission yeast. Other bioinformatics analysis implies its relevance with tumors. RT-PCR analysis shows its wide-ranging expression patterns. Its expression in 16 cancer cases (including 7 liver cancer cases, 5 pancreas cancer cases, 2 larynx cancer cases and 2 lung cancer cases) is studied by using gene microarray analysis. The result shows its relevance with tumors and implies it may have different status in different classification of tumors.

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